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Why AquaLusso Shower and Steam Showers are the only choice

Why AquaLusso

AquaLusso have built a solid reputation as the UK as the Leading Brand Shower Cabin and Steam Shower supplier.

A product or brand can only truly be considered as a success, when it is being talked about and sought out. We receive many calls a month from retailers, who have had several customers asking if he sell AquaLusso products. It only takes a few requests, before a retailer just has to act - and we heard this time and again!

Why are people looking to AquaLusso as The Brand for their next steam shower, shower cabin on whirlpool and steam bath spa?

...we are specialists in what we do
We only sell shower cabins at AquaLusso, we do not sell other bathroom items. Our focus is 100% on the products, to make them the best we can. support the customer and retailer in any way we can to make the experience positive.

...the Product range
Our range is large enough to offer a great choice, but small enough to not overwhelm both the customer, the retailer.

...we strive to improve
We are constantly reviewing the product range with an eye for where we can improve. We consider the design, the function, the ease of use and installation.

...a great support team
Our UK based support team know the products inside and out. We can help you in every stage of the process from initial consultation, through to installation support when your installer is on-site and beyond. We can help you by phone on a local call rate number immediately, or via email for convenience.

...a large retailer base
Our vision is a place in every major town, where you can look round an AquaLusso shower before you buy. We are not there yet, but we do have a large network of retailers with showroom displays. We also have a very large network of online only retailers, to provide the best choice and price.

...we lead the field
Like any market, there are leaders and followers, innovators and imitators. You only need to take a look at the evolution of our product range and you can see how we have changed things. Then take a look at what else is available and how similar they look to our early models, yet sold as 'the Latest model'!

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