Steam Shower and Sauna
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Users Guide to Safe use of Steam Showers

Plan on installing a steam shower to create your own home spa or already have one and are unsure how best and safe to use it, then read on as this article is just for you.


A considerable amount of fluid is lost through sweat during saunas, so make sure you are well-hydrated before, during, and after the sessions. A glass of water should be enough before taking a sauna, and another glass afterwards. If youíve already adjusted to the heat and are going for a full 20-minute sauna, drinking water halfway through the session is also a good idea. Failing to keep well-hydrated can cause nausea, headaches and fatigue, so make sure you donít overlook this caution.

Avoid alcohol, too much caffeine, diuretics, and heavy meals before a sauna session.

Do not consume alcoholic beverages before and during saunas, as they have a diuretic effect and may lead to dehydration. Caffeine and diuretics (medications that increase urination) also contribute to increased fluid loss from the body, which may precipitate a negative effect if combined with the fluid loss already caused by saunas. With regards to food intake before a session, a light meal is fine but a heavy meal is not advisable. Heavy meals immediately prior to saunas shunt a great deal of blood to the digestive systemówhich isnít what you want if youíre aiming for improved blood circulation throughout your entire body.

Start slow and donít go longer than 20min per session.

Your body needs to adapt to the high temperatures in saunas so the heat wouldnít be uncomfortable, so itís advised that you start out with brief 5-minute sessions first instead of immediately going for the full 20 minutes. As your body gets accustomed to regular saunas, you can gradually increase the time you spend inside the saunas.

Go out if you start feeling ill, dizzy, or lightheaded.

Because blood vessels expand in the heat of the room, blood pressure can drop and may cause a sensation of lightheadedness in some people. If you find yourself getting dizzy or starting to feel unwell anytime during the sauna or steam shower, leave the room at once.

If you are pregnant, more than 60 years old, or have any cardiovascular problem, consult with your physician first.

Because of the saunaís effects on increasing heart rate, itís advised that people who are pregnant, have cardiovascular or heart conditions, and are over the age of 60 (high-risk for heart problems) consult a doctor first before going for a sauna or steam room.

Shower down after the session and donít be in a rush to dress up afterwards.

Take a shower after your sauna or steam bath to rinse off sweat, close your pores, and cool your body down. Either lukewarm or cool water will do, but hot water is not recommended. After showering, donít get dressed at once. Instead, allow your body around 15 minutes of air drying so it can continue to cool down properly. Again, remember to rehydrate by drinking water or juices afterwards. Aside from fluid replacement, itís also advised to replace lost electrolytes through a salty snack.

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