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Steam Showers home spa for your bathroom

Steam shower cubicles are very common in spas, gyms and exclusive hotels. It is not very common for these to be found in households. However, due to recent innovations in technology, the price of this fixture has gradually lessened allowing people to purchase one for their homes.

For those who are not familiar with this fixture, the steam shower cubicle refers to an enclosure which is capable of containing steam in a small area and also houses a shower for washing and rinsing the body. Originally, this device was created specifically for hygiene purposes. However, as devices became more complex and catered to more aspects, so did the steam shower cubicle. Alongside hygiene, this device also offers fun and relaxation. This is brought about by the addition of various features that were developed by creative manufacturers. Here are some examples:

Foot Massage

The steam shower cubicle has room for one to stand or sit. Should one choose to sit, one can pull out a foot massage which helps one relax. It has foot rollers which help relax the soles. Likewise, there are also hydromassage jets which soothe any aches your muscles may have. Foot massages come in two flavors. The first is the portable one which can be tucked in to the side of your cubicle and retrieved when needed. The second one is built into the cubicle and uses a small floor area.

Digital Control Panel

In this modern day and age, it is not uncommon for every device to have digital components. This panel enables the cubicle user to set various things in the environment to make it more comfortable. In some cases, a remote control is also available so the user can setup the cubicle before even entering. The remote is also handy for people who want to just sit during the entire session. Some things that these devices can control include the temperature, lights, audio and steam amount.

Various Shower Types

Steam shower cubicles come with different shower types in order to give options to the user. One of the most common is the over head shower or the rain forest shower. This is a favorite among the young ones because it simulates rain fall. For the older generations, the hand held shower is preferred. This allows the user to sit down and wash oneself without needing to move around a lot.

Hydro Massage Jets

If there are jets for the feet, there are sure to be some available for the body as well. The number of jets varies per steam shower cubicle. Typically, these are spread out evenly so that the upper and lower body gets an even share of pressure. It can also be set to spray water one after another instead of altogether.

Steam Generator

The steam generator also varies per cubicle. Some are able to heat the area faster than others. Others are also programmable via the digital panel and remote while others still have a manual switch.


Aromatherapy is another new feature of steam showers. By the use of essential oils, one can drastically improve the environment by introducing a pleasant aroma. The oils can be poured onto a special inlet that is designed specifically for this purpose.

Extractor Fan

Extractor fans are also common among cubicles. These help remove the steam once you are done with the steam session. The older versions usually require one to open the door as a means of exhausting the steam. With this in place, one will not need to do so which ensures maximal comfort by not letting cold air in needlessly.

Overhead Lighting

Lighting is also essential in cubicles. Aside from making it look more comfortable, lighting also has its practical uses. There are two types of lighting currently available. The first is by using the regular fluorescent lights and the second is by using LED lighting. LED is much more pleasing to look at and is also cheaper on the resources.

Audio Capabilities

Entertainment is another feature that the newer generation wants. Alongside this, steam shower cubicle manufacturers have included interfaces for playing and syncing your audio. One can use their phones, mp3 players or Apple devices to play their favorite tunes and output it on the speakers.

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