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RS-100 1200mm X 800mm Steam Shower

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RS-100 1200mm X 800mm Steam Shower

 ONLY £1699.99 including delivery using our shopping cart discount voucher "AQUA100" 

The RS100 bring an element of class to the range. Aesthetically pleasing, the clean and modest design has the ability to compliment your bathroom design. A long and slender design, the RS100 has the door on one end, which benefits many bathroom set-ups, as a sink or toilet can be obstructive for the more traditional wide shower shape, so this is an alternative to squeeze a larger and more luxury shower cabin into your bathroom. Not only have we revamped a traditional shape to be more unique, but we have added an abundance of features to make this shower cabin stand out from the crowd. Made with 8mm thick glass instead of the traditional 5mm. In light of this, being much heavier, the tray is reinforced with extra support and more layers of fibreglass. The door handle is much bigger, and doubles up on the opposite side of the door as a towel rail. This is interchangeable, so can go on the outside or on the inside. On the back wall, you have a cluster of 8 hydro-massage jets instead of the traditional 6 you find on our cabins. Other water features include a stainless steel monsoon rain shower, and a solid brass hand shower with internal mineral beads to disburse the calcium build up which softens the water. The steam emits from 4 outlets at the base of the back panel, which can be operated by the Insignia 'M' touch control panel. This control panel has Bluetooth connectivity built into the design, so you can listen to your own music from within the cabin. Also available to you is the FM radio, which is built into each control panel as standard. On top of all this you get a limited edition Insignia pure luxury acrylic stool, allowing you to indulge yourself in the standard you deserve.

Made by Europes Leading brand Insignia
  • Key Feature: Bluetooth compatible control panel
  • Key Feature: Chromotherapy Lighting
  • Key Feature: Insignia Renowned 1 minute Fast Start Steam Generator
  • Key Feature: Insignia Full Customer Service Support
  • Key Feature: Insignia dedicated UK support help line
  • Key Feature: Insignia Comprehensive online build manual written by us.
  • Key Feature: 12 months parts warranty as standard, increasing to 5 years upon registration with Insignia
  • Towel Rack
  • Storage shelf with chrome rail
  • Steam Generator
  • Stainless steel monsoon rain shower
  • Promotes fun showering and enhances your mood!
  • Ozone System
  • New and improved Insignia stool
  • Bluetooth
  • Internal Mood Lighting
  • Heavy duty glass paneling
  • Hand shower with optimal height setting
  • Extractor Fan
  • Built in FM radio
  • Brass/chrome Square body jets
  • Brass/Chrome fittings
  • Bluetooth compatability incoporated in to the control Panel
  • 8mm tempered Glass
  • 8 Hydro-massage jets
  • Touch screen control panel
  • Internal multi changing coloured light
  • Hot and cold connections
  • Can be connected to a combination boiler
  • Low pressure water supply may require a pump. Recommended 2.5 bar pressure
  • Year Parts Warranty on Registration with Insignia