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Frequently Asked Questions

Your showers come with a 5 year or Lifetime ‘Return to Base Warranty’, what does this mean?The AquaLusso product/s you purchase are supply only and do not include fitting. If a fault develops with your product within the first 28 days of your plumber installing that is not a fault of the way it was installed, we will cover any reasonable cost (upon receipt of you fully completed Installation/Completion Certificate) for your plumber to come back to you and rectify the problem. If any other fault occurs past the 28 days, we operate a no quibble warranty system where we will send any required replacement parts. You will be asked to provide a completed Installation Certificate (provided with the purchase and filled in at the time of installation) upon receipt of a copy of this certificate, we will send you the require part/s. All parts supplied under Warranty are covered for 90 days or up until the natural expiration of the original Warranty, whichever comes first.

We are so confident in our products ability to last for many, many years, we can happily and honestly give our customers a LONG WARRANTY, and at no extra cost - Other suppliers will not offer such amazing warranties, simply because they are not the same product and cannot be sure they will last!

What is the delivery time for your Showers?
Most of our Bathtek Products are held in stock. We aim to deliver within 48 hours direct to your door on a pallet using a distribution company. If we do not have the model you require in stock or you require a special order item, the item will take approximately 6 to 8 weeks to arrive with you and you will be kept informed of your expected delivery time as we receive updates from our transport company.

Why should I buy from Bathtek? I have seen similar units cheaper elsewhere.
Bathtek is a family run company and has been trading successfully since 2005. In this time, we have grown and grown and now have a dedicated number of staff working for us to provide you, the customer, with the highest level of customer service and after sales support. We are well known for our outstanding customer service and are held in high regard by a vast number of satisfied clients. We also supply directly to a number of large retail and trade outlets, so have a solid financial standing and will most certainly not be disappearing overnight like some other ‘fly by night cowboys’ that operate similar companies on a ‘part time basis’.

There are MANY people selling Shower Cabins and Steam Showers that look initially like those produced by AquaLusso, BUT THEY ARE NOT THE SAME and here is why:
AquaLusso Genuinely work with the manufacturers to develop the range of showers they put our name to (yes, that is why our showers have AquaLusso on the Control Pad). We are not just giving the product an in-house name and telling you it’s this year’s model.

So what are the differences that AquaLusso have added?

CLEAR GLASS: All other suppliers offer the standard Blue tinted glass - fine if your bathroom is designed with a blue colour palette, but clear glass matches any colour option. The glass is the same 5mm, safety glass, fitted as standard on our Platinum Range, but is available as 6mm or greater on our Pure Range. This thicker glass means the framework has been changed to accommodate the new glass. Not only that but the door runners, stoppers etc have all been changed for heavy duty ones, that better handle the additional glass weight, and run really smoothly – no squeaks, or binding.

FRAMEWORK: The framework of the Pure range has been replaced by polished aluminium, rather than the powder coated standard framework. We have also removed some of the central front sections, to create a more pleasing and cleaner lined look.

This part is crucial to the functioning of the electronics of your shower. AquaLusso are so happy and confident that the control pad is designed to last, that the model and design we use has our name on it. Since we sell a lot of spares, including parts fitted to other peoples showers, we know what’s good, what’s bad and what’s going to last.

THERMOSTATIC VALES: These we fit as standard. Our competitors fit the cheaper mixer valves, that offer no safety for you or your family, and could cause scalding. They also charge you more if you want the thermostatic adding to your order... it’s like buying a car and having to pay extra for seat belts!

LED HALO RING LIGHT: We were the first to introduce this items as standard, making a brighter, longer lasing light, rather than the older fluorescent light and ballast system.

WHITE LIGHITNG: Again, if your bathroom colour scheme is blue, then our competitors showers are ok, but with the exciting colour choices available in bathrooms interiors today, the options to let your shower match ANY SCHEME is a sure way to ensure it matches, even if you change the colour of your bathroom in years to come.

PEACE OF MIND: Ok, so you don't think we can sell this?. Perhaps not in a bottle, but we can sell a product that WE are confident with, that will last and last, that we can put a long warranty to because we know will offer the best showering solution for your money. We know we are a little bit more expensive than some sellers, but when you add their cost for all the additional items, that ARE STANDARD on AquaLusso showers, then the final cost price is negligible and the cost over time is in our favour. After all, some of our competitors believe their showers might only last a couple of years – where is the confidence in choosing that?

AquaLusso introduced the Ocean (pale coloured rear glass panels) to complement the Storm (Darker coloured glass rear panels) in 2010. This is available on all models with glass rear panels. This option is NOT available on our competitors models and so offers our customer a choice of colour options which may better suite their bathroom.

So when a supplier tells you their model is THIS YEARS MODEL, then, ask them to tell you EXACTLY what has been changed from the previous model!

When a supplier tells you THEY ARE SHOWER DESIGNERS, ask them what they actually designed, changed or modified with their suppliers. AquaLusso can give you a long list of other minor design changes that we have taken to doing to our products to ensure they are BETTER than those that might look similar (framework re-design, tray form changes, valve changes, hoses and pipe work testing, then list goes on!)

We know that a large amount of suppliers are buying through Agents, rather than the actual Manufacturer. This method of purchasing makes it almost impossible to get changes made at manufacture and certainly the use of an un-needed middle-man adds to the cost. These models are often, chosen for their lowest price, lowest specification, because the middlemen do not fully understand the UK market and its customers’ needs.

We have sole UK rights on AquaLusso showers and supply them to both our franchises and a vast network of showrooms and online retailers Nationwide. ITS ONLY AQUALUSSO, if it SAYS SO ON THE CONTROL PAD!

We have sole UK rights on AquaLusso showers and supply them to both our franchises and a vast network of showrooms and online retailers Nationwide. ITS ONLY AQUALUSSO, if its SAYS SO ON THE CONTROL PAD!

We tested a number of different steam shower suppliers to find the best and most reliable manufacturer, and we have stuck to our current supplier since day one and have never looked back. We would not sell a product to you that we are not confident in or could rest our own reputation on. So be rest assured that you are not buying cheap second rate showers at a matching price.

So why buy Bathtek? Its simple, speak to ANY one of our team, ask ANY question, research our feedback and genuine testimonials, visit our showroom, and visit our website, and then you will see why Bathtek comes out top, time after time after time.

It's natural to try to find an item at the cheapest possible price, but often the cost saving has to come from somewhere, if its not the initial cost of the product, then it will most likely be the quality of the product or the support!

How does my delivery arrive?
Your delivery (if over 30kg, ie Whirlpool baths, Steam Shower cabins, shower cubicles and some larger parts) will be delivered on a pallet. It is important that you check and inform us of any weight restrictions that my mean a large lorry (over 7.5 tons) cannot get you property. This also includes, long driveways. If you fail to mention any delivery restriction and the delivery cannot be made, there will be a re-delivery charge.

The delivery driver is only able to take the delivery to your doorstep (or as close as he can get to that point).

Smaller items and parts are sent either via post or courier. It is standard practice to send items up to a 750gms by post and larger items by courier.roducts.

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