Steam Shower and Sauna
My Whirlpool has just stopped working!
    (Chrome whirlpool start button model only)
Move the cabin away from the corner and look behind/under in the location of the chrome switch you press to start the whirlpool. You should see a clear tube connected to the underside of the button and this should also be connected into the top of the whirlpool pump. Occasionally, due to the pressurised air passing down the tube it may come away from either end. We suggest you clean the inside of the tube with a cotton bud and spirit based cleaning solution and also the nipple where the tube attaches - this removes any grease and ensures it stays in place more securely. If the tube looks stretched at the end and does not secure well, you can cut a very small amount off (5-8mm), but ensure the tube will still reach. Once cleaned, reattach the tube and push the cabin back into position.