Steam Shower and Sauna
AquaLusso showers have an ventilation/circulation Fan, why is this and what is required in my bathroom?
    The fan helps to circulate steam and assist in the removal of steam after you have used the shower. We would recommend that the doors of the shower are closed after steam use and the O3 is activated for its 10 minute cycle, then once finished, open the doors and allow the cabins to FULLY DRY, this will minimise the build of dirt.

Connecting the shower to extract steam outside of the property is not required, as allowing the shower to fully dry can be best accomplished under your normal provision for bathroom ventilation and leaving the doors of the shower open to completely dry. Most bathrooms have either an extractor or window that is opened to allow free air flow and stop damage from damp - this applies to the shower also. We do not provide any product or solution to enable the shower to be extracted out of a property.