Steam Shower and Sauna
My Whirlpool has just stopped working!

(Chrome whirlpool start button model only)
Move the cabin away from the corner and look behind/under in the location of the chrome switch you press to start the whirlpool. You should see a clear tube connected to the underside of the button and this should also be connected into the top of the whirlpool pump. Occasionally, due to the pressurised air passing down the tube it may come away from either end. We suggest you clean the inside of the tube with a cotton bud and spirit based cleaning solution and also the nipple where the tube attaches - this removes any grease and ensures it stays in place more securely. If the tube looks stretched at the end and does not secure well, you can cut a very small amount off (5-8mm), but ensure the tube will still reach. Once cleaned, reattach the tube and push the cabin back into position.

Access and Weight limitations

You are required to ensure the purchased Bathtek product dimensions allow for ease of passage to the intended installation area.

Regarding weight tolerances of installation area, it is advisable to contact a builder or refer to Building regulations to ensure the product placement area has sufficient joist/floor support.

The tub base can support occupants up to 22st, (weight), but note that some models (especially 800mm quadrants may not offer adequate cabin space to move.

All fold away seats are manufactured to accept up to a Maximum 16st. Care must be taken when sitting on the seat to do so with care. Sudden applied weight, especially that which is close to the manufacturers maximum limit and the possibility of the seat being wet and covered is soap/shower gel, may lead to harm of the occupant and or the shower.

AquaLusso showers have an ventilation/circulation Fan, why is this and what is required in my bathroom?

The fan helps to circulate steam and assist in the removal of steam after you have used the shower. We would recommend that the doors of the shower are closed after steam use and the O3 is activated for its 10 minute cycle, then once finished, open the doors and allow the cabins to FULLY DRY, this will minimise the build of dirt.

Connecting the shower to extract steam outside of the property is not required, as allowing the shower to fully dry can be best accomplished under your normal provision for bathroom ventilation and leaving the doors of the shower open to completely dry. Most bathrooms have either an extractor or window that is opened to allow free air flow and stop damage from damp - this applies to the shower also. We do not provide any product or solution to enable the shower to be extracted out of a property.

Can I use the smelling oils and bars that I have heard of with the steam function?

Yes of course! The steam outlet has a cap fitted to it. Simply remove this and you will find a gauze style plate for the bar/oils to sit into to give the steam any fragrance you wish. Oils should be used to soak a sponge to infuse the steam, as the liquid on its own will pass through the pod. Please also refer to the manual supplied with your shower for additional information regarding use of products with the shower. You should only use product in the steam pod that are 'essential oils' and therefore not likely to stain, mark or create 'crazed' damage to the shower - Albas Oil is an example of a product that will stain the acrylic of your shower and so should NOT be used.

Do the showers come with all the necessary piping?

Yes, our showers have all the piping included, and at not extra cost. They have a flexible waste pipe located underneath the tub which must have an ‘inline trap’ fitted to it by your plumber, and he must also use a ‘McAlpine ST28M’ reducing connector to connect it to your current household waste pipe. The pipes to supply the various ancillaries on the unit are all connected to the back of the 3 way valve in the central control panel and not to the tub. These should all be labelled as to which ancillary they should be connected to such as the foot massage, hand shower, steam generator etc, and are all supplied with necessary 15mm connectors with washers in situ.

How do I clean my steam shower?

AquaLusso steam showers have a fitted Ozoniser. When this Ozoniser is running all other ancillaries will cease to operate such as the radio etc. On some models the o3 (ozone) is automatically activated after the steam process is complete (others have an option button to select the mode). The o3 function makes a low whining sound when active. Ozone kills bacteria, germs and viri and helps minimise their build up. Once the ozone process has completed (with the doors closed), you should open the cabin doors and allow the shower to FULLY dry.