Steam Shower and Sauna
Technical Support

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This information is applicable to all AquaLusso Showers, depending upon the model and its features and functions.

Steam Generator and Electronics.
The steam generator operates between 220-240v. The steam generator has a maximum output capacity of 2.8 @ 220V which will increase to 3kw at between 230 & 240 V. Where the voltage to the electronics of the shower is below 230v the steam generator will operate at a lower capacity meaning it may take longer to achieve the desired cabin temperature or fail to reach higher temperature settings.

The temperature of the shower cabin in relation to the temperature value set on the control pad may differ +/-10% based upon a number of factors:
  • Internal cabin volume
  • Number of occupants
  • Power supply to shower
  • Ambient room temperature

In addition variances in the water quality and condition of the pipework (including Lime scale build up and general cleaning maintenance). Heat lost through door seals and the doors being opened will reduce the cabin temperature also.

If you prefer to steam in a higher temperature, it is recommended to activate the steam production 10-15 minutes before entering.

For more information on steam and using your steam shower safely, please visit the Bathtek support area.

WARNING: Steam temperature at or near the steam pod may scald or burn.

Voltage Input AC 210 - 230v
Frequency 50Hz
Control System Voltage DC12v
Lamp Power AC 12v / 10w
Fan Power
DC 12v / 2w
Radio Power 5w

Whirlpool Pump
Rating at Ambient 40C
Voltage Input AC 220 - 240v
Frequency 50Hz
Amps 2.0 - 3.0 Amps
RPM 2850
Fan Power DC 12v / 2w

Remote Controls
Remote supplied with AquaLusso showers operate at 3v using 2 x AAA (2 x 1.5v) batteries.
In most cases the batteries are able to be replaced by removing the rear cover.

All remotes, unless otherwise indicated are splash proof and for use OUTSIDE of the shower cabin only.

Remote A07 fitted to the Pembrook DTV is Waterproof to IPX6.

Other components

Fan 12v DV / 0.15a
Ozone 12v DC
Ballast 12v DC 50/60Hz to 70c
22w-32w @ 20c - 60c

AquaLusso showers are fitted with safety glass. Whilst it is difficult for it to break without misuse or undue care, in the event of it breaking, it will break into small cuboid pieces - these are still sharp and may cause cuts.

If you are unsure about the use of steam, please consult your Doctor before using. Please use the steam function in accordance with the guidelines here/printed in the warning label of the shower/the manual and common sense.

  • Do NOT use the shower after consumption of Alcohol

  • Do NOT use the shower immediately after Exercise.

  • If whilst using the shower or steam you feel faint/dizzy or unwell, please stop using the product immediately.

  • Do not use the steam function for longer than 30 minutes.

  • Ensure you are hydrated before and during steam use.

  • If you suffer from High Blood Pressure, are Pregnant or have Heart problems or any other medical conditions, please seek professional medical advice from your Doctor or Physician before using the product.

  • Children should not be left unattended whilst bathing.

  • It is not advised that children use the steam function.

  • Persons with balance problems should take special care if using the shower to avoid losing balance and falling into the glass or framework and causing injury and damage.

  • Warning the tray may be slippery when wet and/or when soap or shampoo is used in the shower.

Water and electricity are a dangerous and deadly combination. Please ensure that the electricity supply to the shower is made in accordance with current electrical guidelines and regulations.

Ensure that the electrical connections do not become damaged or are likely to come into contact with water at any time.

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All our Showers come with full waste assembly, Thermostatic Shower Valve, hoses and pipework, comprehensive installation and operation instructions  - ALL INCLUDED

Our Steam Showers also include Stainless Steel Monsoon, Bluetooth Audio (iPhone/Android
compatible), Fast Start Steam Generator, USB Port.

Opus models additionally include the EXCLUSIVE 'iLock' system to make assembly super quick.

Beautifully simple. Simply beautiful.

Opus from AquaLusso is the pinnacle of home shower cabin solutions. Opus showers and steam showers have all the features of the Alto range but with some beautifully crafted extras. Polished aluminium frame is standard on Opus showers resulting in a stylish, modern and pleasing visual aspect, that aside from looking great, will continue to do so for years to come. The Aluminium is also carried through into the frame that surrounds the rear coloured panels.

Opus Shower Cabins are available in a range of quadrants as well as offsets. All models feature the Exclusive NEW iLock polished framework and are available in a choice of Carbon Black or Polar White colour options

The Opus Steam Shower range features a selection of quadrants and offset models again in a choice of two coloured rear glass options.

Opus Range from AquaLusso

The vision of the Alto Range of showers from AquaLusso is to provide an alternative to the traditional shower enclosure in one complete package and at a great price. Alto shower cabins are available in a choice of three different quadrants from a neat and compact 800mm through to the spacious 1000mm. AquaLusso also offer an offset corner in both left and right handed options. All models are available in a fabulous, crisp Polar White, to match your sanitaryware, or for those who are dynamic and daring, a distinctive Carbon Black.

Alto Showers from AquaLusso

The AquaLusso Alto Range also features Steam and Whirlpool Baths. With a choice of three stunning rectangular bath replacement models; 1350, 1500 and 1700mm long, each featuring a quiet 1 HP whirlpool pump, fast-start steam generator, Bluetooth control panel, elegant Polar White rear coloured safety glass. The AquaLusso Whirlpool range is topped off by the Alto ST, a corner fitting whirlpool bath, to bring a touch of luxury country spa into your own home.

No-one can dispute the elegance and quality of the new AquaLusso shower cabin and steam shower ranges. Polar white rear glass panels fitted to all shower cabins, steam showers and steam and whirlpool models has been carefully chosen to match any bathroom or ensuite with absolute ease. No matter what colour you choose for your walls or accessories, the polar white colour perfectly matches the white pottery of the sink, toilet and bath.

If you are more daring, contemporary or looking for a strong statement and feature point in your bathroom, then the Carbon Black coloured steam showers and shower cabins are the choice.

AquaLusso Alto and Opus shower cabins now come with a beautiful, high quality polished chrome overhead shower with fitted filter. Whilst most other models seen on the UK market are using cheap plastic shower heads, these anti-drip heads are the without doubt a jewel to crown the AquaLusso Shower Cabins off.

Steam Showers in the Alto and Opus range have a brushed stainless steel, anti-drip monsoon. Providing yet further evidence of the AquaLusso approach to delivering the BEST steam shower available on the market today and within the same budget!

AquaLusso do not offer the same 'Bling' that other models may offer. Often this initial visual 'wow' is let down when close inspection is made. Consequently, the things that MATTER to you are the things that AquaLusso work hard to ensure are the best. Under the tubs and trays of the Alto and Opus ranges is a new, stronger and thicker 22mm tubular steel frame to provide more stability. This extra support is coupled with additional support bonded to the underside - the result... a tray that provides absolute comfort and a feeling of reassurance. The next area is the hoses. Cheap showers use push fit hoses and poor quality ones that split. No one wants to come home to find their property flooded. AquaLusso steam shower cabins, shower enclosures and whirlpools  - ALL come with WRAS approved water supply hoses.